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Fast, Affordable Drug Testing Kits Produce Real Benefits

Maintaining a safe, reliable work force is an ever-growing challenge. With workers moving from one employer to the next more frequently then ever, companies all around the world have to cope with unprecedented levels of turnover. That means that a lot of new faces are constantly showing up at offices and work sites, making it harder for managers to ensure that every worker is ready for the job.

One of the greatest challenges that this more mobile work force presents is the task of weeding out those with substance abuse problems. Substance abusers drive up costs for employers and endanger themselves and their coworkers, while also being more prone to tardiness and absenteeism. Employers understandably want to do everything they can to ensure that their own workers are clean, but this has traditionally been a fairly difficult and expensive goal to attain.

That is now changing with the wider availability of fast, affordable Drug Tests and related supplies. The Drug Tests at EZ Key Cups, for example, can produce accurate results in just minutes, rooting out a wide variety of potentially harmful substances in ways that make them very difficult to trick.

Rapid Detect’s Drug Test is also highly convenient. It requires virtually nothing in the way of training to use successfully, meaning that existing staff can be put to work helping to screen job candidates and employees for substance abuse. Designed to be as easy and convenient to dispose of as they are to use, the kits also require nothing in the way of special handling once they have performed their duties.

By making such convenient, affordable drug testing available to employers and organizations, then, Rapid Detect is providing them with much needed power. Being able to rely on easy, cost-effective drug testing of any sort that is needed means that employers can much more capably enforce their drug usage policies throughout their workforces.

That can make a big difference over time. As employees who are prone to substance abuse are weeded out of the workforce, accident rates typically drop substantially, keeping every valued worker safer and attracting positive attention from insurers. Productivity goes up along with output and reliability, and costs drop significantly, boosting the bottom line in every way possible.

Establishing an effective drug testing program, then, is just as rewarding as it is easy and affordable. With the benefits being so great and the costs so low, it only makes sense for virtually every employer to have such an initiative in place.